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EMDR Testimonial

I stumbled into EMDR Therapy hoping to get relief from hyper vigilance, thinking I had OCD. As it turned out, I had PTSD from my childhood and further in life. I was a little skeptical but started the sessions. Tricia said "it would work; the changes would be subtle". EMDR basically removes the memory of the trauma. Right off the bat, I noticed I had better boundaries. It's like all of a sudden, I just see things differently. I have changed. I deal with people differently, not afraid they'll get mad anymore. I easily speak my mind. People respond to me differently too, better. To me, the changes are sudden, subtle, but drastic. I've been able to think, comprehend, respond, and participate in conversations/situations better, I mean like it actually feels amazing. I've had peace and calm beyond all understanding, not for just brief periods but most of the time. I'm not carrying all that inner unmanageability around with me anymore. I feel like I am free.


A friend of mine told me about Trish and the success of the EMDR technique in her life. I wet to see Trish and was amazed at the results! This technique helped me to truly get past my emotional trauma that was taking over my life and gave me the peace of mind I needed to be able to move on and leave the past behind. I highly recommend Trish and the EMDR technique to anyone struggling with issues from the past, no matter what they might be. The EMDR technique gives you the freedom to move on, let go and be happy.